So I have been really busy with university work! SO I haven’t had much time to write. We have had snow the past few days its been amazing something about snow I just love so much. It makes everything look so clean and I have been for a walk in the snow. It has beenContinue reading “Snow!!”


This week university has made me thing about when I was getting diagnosed with ASD. It was a struggle, my mum likes to tell me that my brother went to the doctors complaining of headaches and other issues. The doctor then asked what the cause of the headaches were, and he responded with my littleContinue reading “Diagnosis”


So I have been super busy with university and haven’t had time to write until now. Today I will be talking about how much a routine can improve/support our daily activities. When I was younger there was always a routine, the bonus to having a mum who worked as a nursery nurse, my mum isContinue reading “Routines”

Me, Who I am

I won’t tell you my name, in the hopes of staying anonymous, what I can tell you is that I have grown up with Autism (ASD, Asperger) whatever you want to call it. I have also got the co-morbid (accompanying) syndrome of hyper-mobility along with other ailments that I suffer with. This blog I haveContinue reading “Me, Who I am”

Aspie, What it means

Aspie means many different things to different people, for me it means that I was never able to learn social skills and I was bullied at school badly. I have it better now, being in a group of people who understand me much better. The official definition is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by significant difficultiesContinue reading “Aspie, What it means”

My education

So education well I don’t remember massive amount of my younger education when I was growing up. I will write what I can remember I may ask my mum to write a post about my younger years. I remember being told off in nursery once, I was getting what I felt was attacked by someoneContinue reading “My education”

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